Parish Church of 
St. Nicholas

Ludwigsplatz 3
83022 Rosenheim

The Stadtpfarrkirche St. Nikolaus (Town Parish Church of St. Nicholas)

This special church was built around 1450 as a Late Gothic building with a pointed spire. In the great city fire of 1641, the church burnt down to the walls. Between 1642 and 1657, it was rebuilt with an onion dome, which is now Rosenheim’s landmark. From 1960 onwards, the interior of the church was redesigned. The oldest work of art in the church is the painting of the Virgin of Mercy, which dates back to 1514.
The church was renovated and its interior was redesigned and modernised between 2004 and 2007. The new church windows by the glass artist K.-M. Hartmann, co-financed by the citizens of Rosenheim, added an impressive highlight.