Luminous Forest Mangfallpark

Leuchtenwald im Mangfallpark
83022 Rosenheim

Leuchtenwald (Luminous Forest) in the Mangfallpark

The forest of lights

During a walk in Rosenheim’s Mangfallpark, it immediately catches the eye: The Leuchtenwald (Luminous Forest) was erected on the occasion of the Bavarian State Garden Show 2010.[KP1] 

The idea and its realisation came from the artist Sonja Vordermaier, who brought a collection of 30 European street lamps from various times and cities to Rosenheim. A manhole cover embedded in the grass in the middle of the artwork reveals the origins of the different lamps: Amsterdam, Berlin, Erfurt, Leipzig, Glasgow, Innsbruck, Milan, Hamburg, Prague, Cagnes-sur-Mer, Sarajevo, Stuttgart, Belgrade, Lippstadt, Munich, Sofia, Trieste, Wolfsburg and Vienna.

The head of Rosenheim’s Municipal Environment, Parks and Gardens Office (Städtisches Umwelt- und Grünflächenamt), Ralf Seeburger, was the project manager of the Bavarian State Garden Show in 2010. In the video below, he shows you around this unique work of art.