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Reichenbachstraße 1a
83022 Rosenheim
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Thurs 09:00 - 12:00 Uhr und 14:00 - 16:00 Uhr
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Stadtarchiv (City Archive)

Rosenheim City Archive is the central repository for the archival records of the independent city of Rosenheim. Its foundation is formed by the written legacy of the market, which has been growing since the late Middle Ages. The City Archive collection continuously welcomes records from the City Council that are worthy of being archived. In doing so, it documents the history of the city on the Inn River over a total of seven centuries.

The official records are accompanied by private donations such as bequests, archives from associations, photographs and picture postcards. A highly interesting contemporary document features approximately 900 drawings and watercolour paintings by the jurist Friedrich Wilhelm Doppelmayr, which date back to the years 1808 to 1816.

Another special feature is the scientific archive library, which contains more than 36,000 volumes covering a wide range of subjects from Bavarian regional history and geography to cultural, art, church and literary history, as well as literature on Rosenheim.

With around 3,000 running metres of archive material, the City Archive has plenty to offer for all interested visitors. Be it for official, scientific, local history, family history, legal, private or journalistic purposes, the documents can be viewed free of charge in the City Archive upon presentation of an identity card or passport. The staff at the archive are happy to assist visitors in their search for sources.