Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Rosenheim (Rosenheim Culture and Congress Centre)

Rosenheim’s Culture and Congress Centre, better known as the KU’KO, offers a stage, setting and perfect event ambience. Its foyers flooded with natural light, clear lines and flexible room concepts create a light and open atmosphere. Twenty room variations on one level with 70 to 1,600 seats or up to 3,000 square metres of exhibition space combined with modern event technology offers scope for all kinds of events such as master concerts, musicals, theatre performances, cabaret shows and glittering ball nights, as well as workshops, meetings, conferences and many more.

Experience master concerts featuring world stars in the field of classical music, guest performances by internationally renowned orchestras and conductors, music and drama subscriptions and cultural programmes for children and young people.

Rosenheim Culture and Congress Centre also offers flexible room options as a venue for your private celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas parties, etc.

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TAM Ost theatre

TAM OST is an ambitious and committed amateur theatre located in the east of Rosenheim’s city centre. Its current name is derived from its original name, “Theater am Markt” (Theatre on the Market Square – TAM), back from when it was located near the Green Market. When the theatre moved to Chiemseestraße 31, the word “OST” (East) was added to clearly emphasise the new location.

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Künstlerhof arts centre

The Künstlerhof arts centre in the Ludwigsplatz square was created from the former Kolpinghaus and Gasthof Alte Post buildings after extensive renovation work. As part of the renovation concept, the former theatre hall of the Kolpinghaus building was preserved. Rehearsal and seminar rooms were added, which are available to Rosenheim-based associations. The renting and administration of the theatre hall and its adjoining rooms are the responsibility of the city's Cultural Office. The Musikschule Rosenheim e.V. music school and the Ballettschule Bartosch-Linke ballet school have also found attractive new rooms in the Künstlerhof. In addition, the Kolpingfamilie social association, the Frauen- und Mädchennotruf e.V. women’s welfare association and various shops, cafés and restaurants are also housed in the complex.


Theaterinsel Rosenheim theatre hall

The Theaterinsel Rosenheim theatre hall offers space for about 60 spectators and was founded by the director Toni Müller as a venue where he could shape his theatre work away from outside influences. The hall allows everyone to become part of the ensemble and take to the stage. In addition to theatre rehearsals and performances, acting and language courses also take place on the premises. Be it up on stage or in the audience, here you can experience theatre up close and in person.

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Städtische Galerie Rosenheim (Rosenheim Municipal Gallery)

With its exhibitions featuring modern to contemporary art, the Städtische Galerie Rosenheim (Rosenheim Municipal Gallery) is one of the central art institutions in the region. The building is characterised by its clear architecture, while the gallery inside offers an authentic encounter with works of art presented in one of the most beautiful exhibition areas in southern Germany.

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Ausstellungszentrum Lokschuppen exhibition centre

The cultural heart of the city of Rosenheim beats in a former locomotive shed. From 1857 to 1878, steam locomotives were housed in the semicircular building, after which it served as a municipal warehouse, among other things. Since 1988, the Lokschuppen (Engine Shed) has presented changing exhibitions every year. With up to 280,000 visitors, the exhibition centre is now one of the most successful exhibition venues in Europe.

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Kunstverein Rosenheim (Rosenheim Art Association)

The Kunstverein Rosenheim e.V. (Rosenheim Art Association) offers a varied annual programme featuring several solo and group exhibitions, as well as the annual exhibition in the Municipal Gallery, which attracts attention throughout Germany. One of its most important tasks is to promote young talent by supporting young artists through catalogue sponsorship and enabling them to bring their art closer to a wider audience with their own exhibition. Another purpose of the association is to mediate between recognised artists and current, innovative projects.

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Stadtbibliothek (City Library)

Approximately 15,000 library users make the most of the diverse offers and services provided by Rosenheim’s municipal library. For about 900 visitors every day, it offers a family and citizen-friendly setting for education, further education and leisure activities is a special place to spend quality time. The library is open to everyone as a cultural meeting place with up-to-date and customer-oriented offers of information, media, activities and services. It is actively committed to the realisation of equal opportunities and the possibility of lifelong learning for broad sections of the population. As an extracurricular education partner, the library offers guidance in the constantly changing flood of information. Its expert staff and individual counselling provide support and assistance in concrete learning situations. With a wide range of offers and activities, Rosenheim City Library wants to convey the joy of reading to children and young people and strengthen their media and information skills.                                                

The reputation and success of the municipal library go beyond the local region. It repeatedly receives the German seal of quality “Libraries – Partners of Schools” and the “E.ON Bayern Children’s Library Award” for outstanding achievements.

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Stadtarchiv (City Archive)

Rosenheim City Archive is the central repository for the archival records of the independent city of Rosenheim. Its foundation is formed by the written legacy of the market, which has been growing since the late Middle Ages. The City Archive collection continuously welcomes records from the City Council that are worthy of being archived. In doing so, it documents the history of the city on the Inn River over a total of seven centuries.

The official records are accompanied by private donations such as bequests, archives from associations, photographs and picture postcards. A highly interesting contemporary document features approximately 900 drawings and watercolour paintings by the jurist Friedrich Wilhelm Doppelmayr from the period 1808 to 1816.

Another special feature is the scientific archive library, which contains more than 36,000 volumes covering a wide range of subjects from Bavarian regional history and geography to cultural, art, church and literary history, as well as literature on Rosenheim.

With around 3,000 running metres of archive material, the City Archive has plenty to offer for all interested visitors. Be it for official, scientific, local history, family history, legal, private or journalistic purposes, the documents can be viewed free of charge in the City Archive upon presentation of an identity card or passport. The staff at the archive are happy to assist visitors in their search for sources.

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Städtisches Museum Rosenheim (Rosenheim City Museum)

Opened in 1895 in the historic Mittertor gate building, the City Museum offers interesting insights into the lives of people in times gone by in 23 realistically staged showrooms. The excursion into the past begins with the Roman settlement and leads up to the 20th century, ending in the 1950s.

Come and experience an exciting journey through 2000 years of local history for the whole family!

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Holztechnisches Museum (Wood Technology Museum)

A so-called “ladder to heaven” has been preserved in the Ellmaierhaus building, which is now home to Rosenheim’s Wood Technology Museum.

The museum is located in the pedestrian zone in the listed “Ellmaierhaus” building, which dates back to the 16th century and was restored in an exemplary manner from 1980 to 1984. Covering an area of more than 400 square metres, the museum provides an insight into the history and the processing and working of wood both in the past and the present day. Objects and models show old and modern techniques and are complemented by video films, special exhibitions and educational museum activities.

The Wood Technology Museum is supported by the “Holztechnisches Museum Rosenheime.V.”friends’association.

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Innmuseum (River Inn Museum)

At the Innmuseum, you can learn interesting facts about the history, mineral resources and finds from the Inn River, as well as viewing illustrations of typical buildings along the river. The museum also provides an insight into various hydraulic engineering methods, including the work of Carl Friedrich von Wiebeking, as well as presenting various crafts connected to the river, especially the profession of shipbuilder (also known as “Schopper”). A special “Schopperstadl” workshop describes the exact procedure for building a ship with the necessary materials and tools.

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Kleppermuseum (Klepper folding kayak museum)

The Kleppermuseum focuses on the folding kayak patented by the Klepper family, which became famous worldwide due to its victorious participation in the 1936 Olympics and the Atlantic crossing in 1956. The opening of the museum therefore not only attracted “Klepper fans” from Germany but also welcomed visitors from Canada, France, Australia and the USA. As Ursula Isbruch, spokeswoman of the museum board, explains, the Kleppermuseum is intended to be a place for folding kayak fans and canoeists to come together and dream.

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